Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bridal Car

A wedding is like every bride's own fairy tale. Having to experience this one moment of her life creates a breathtaking anticipation as she makes a great impact on her entrance, while her groom awaits for her arrival. All the guests had to contain their curiosity to see the bride as she wears the most beautiful wedding dress that anyone could ever imagine. I guess, this is the part where the couple have to embrace the feeling of being a royalty, as they experience the perfect journey of their life that will send them off on their happily ever after. In short, I am talking about having the perfect bridal car for your wedding.

My husband Marco is a mechanic and definitely love cars. Basically, he knows what's hot and what's not. He wants something unique and different from the everyday cars he works with. Since, the them and concept of our wedding has a classic touch, we both decided to find a vintage car for us to have that romantic and timeless experience. Well, we know it for a fact that we don't get married every day. I do believe that every couple should know that their chosen bridal car plays an important role in making a magical and awe-inspiring entrances at your wedding which nothing compared to the joy of traveling in luxury and style.

Originally, we are planning to use my brother's Volkswagen Beetle as our bridal car, but due to some reasonable circumstances we have to find a suitable alternative. Since, we don't have a variety of choices here in Davao, I tried my best to check online and have to find a better option. Luckily, I came across with VINTAGE PERFECTION, and I was so pleased with how Nux Tayactac promptly responded to my queries regarding to their package rate and policies. I showed all the detailed information to my husband and he was extremely happy about it. Upon the arrival of my husband from Canada, we had set an appointment with Nux to check out the cars in their garage showroom. My husband was in awe when he saw all the cars they have from classic down to the modern set of wheels. Nux was very accommodating and kind enough to take us on a tour in their garage showroom and gave us a better option to take. Well, my husband wanted to go with the Porsche because of its sleek and sophisticated style, but in the end, we both decided to go with the 1963 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (Cream) as our bridal car. The good thing about the Karmann Ghia, it was a convertible or open-top car which made us feel like celebrities for a day. All the people that we passed by was amazed and congratulated us on our wedding that made the experience an enjoyable and memorable one. Plus, Vintage Perfection had provided us their chauffeur in the package to drive us from the church to the reception venue.

My husband and I were much grateful that we choose Vintage Perfection because they made sure that their clients' needs was above their expectations. They had assured us that everything goes smoothly before, during, and after we hired the vehicle to avoid any misunderstandings and disappointments. We are both happy with our choice because the charm and beauty of the vintage bridal car has brought special meaning to our lives which made us experience the romance it has brought into our won fairy tale to life. If you want to experience the benefits of luxury, style, and the classic appearance in the ride of your life, Vintage Perfection is a reputable bridal car services that makes your own fairy tale a reality on your wedding day.


Bridal Car

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